A person performing a handstand on a sandy beach, reflected in a shallow water pool, with a clear sky in the background.

Does your health professional understand?

This is a very good first question to ask before you choose the person you decide to trust with your injury. ⁠

Once you have seen that person – have they conveyed some sort of progression or plan to return you to your sport or prevent you from incurring an injury in future? ⁠

If those questions cannot be answered then most likely your recovery is just going to happen by chance or luck.

Or maybe pain settles so you return to sport. But the injury returns. This is due to the mismatch between your sport and your recovery plan. ⁠

If I were a gymnast – I would find a health professional that understands gymnastics…⁠

If I were a netball player I would find someone that works with netball players…⁠

So if I am an injured surfer I am going to find someone that surfs, treats surfers and understands the demands of the sport – not simply telling me to rest…⁠

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