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The power of a morning routine

Keeping a healthy and positive mindset is not something you either have or don’t have.

However, it is something that you cultivate and create each day by doing the work on yourself.


These 3 words are what my morning routine does for me. This is how I choose to show up for my patients and the people that count on me.

If you are thinking about what could be the game-changer for you in 2020 then 100% a morning routine is the thing!

How I start my day

I read every morning. I set the bar low so there is no friction to starting the habit. 10 pages a day is the goal. If no time, 1 page is better than zero pages.

Just keep the habit looping running. Tick off each day until there is no resistance to the new habit and it simply becomes who you are. You are now someone that reads each morning.

Who cares if your “not good at it”. Never mind the past or the limiting beliefs you have of what you can and cannot do. There is simply no way to get better at something by not doing it.

One of my favourite quotes is this:

“the man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there” – Vince Lombardi.

I love doing things that most people won’t do. I love doing things that my old beliefs told me I couldn’t do. I love getting “lucky” after years of consistent work. Each day we all have choices. If broken down there are only 2 choices:

1. Evolve
2. Repeat

Repeat is easy. Just keep doing the same, being the same and getting the same results. To avoid a repeat – learn something new. Learn it in the morning and you have evolved before the day has even begun.

Get out there and start your day right legends!

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